Our promise to members of the Independent Assemblies

The Organization will:

1. Provide the opportunity for godly counsel and Christian support to fellow ministers.
2. Provide a recommendation service for both ministers and churches of ministry opportunities.
3. Provide opportunities for the training and development of ministers.
4. Provide, upon request, advisory help to local churches.
5. Provide a newsletter informing you of opportunities, activities, and ministries of fellow members.

Ecclesiastical Structure
As an Independent Fellowship, we do not advocate nor practice control over Independent Assemblies ministers, ministries or churches. The autonomy of each local church is recognized, however each is expected to serve in unity and fellowship, as well as practice sound doctrine. We also adhere strongly to professional ministerial ethics as relating to ministers and churches.

A distinct call to ministry is a must for credentials consideration.

1. Exhorter's License: A lay person who is qualified and certified to teach, visit the sick, minister in hospitals and jails, as well as assist in many of the functions of the church.

2. Licensed Minister:
One who is qualified for evangelism, teaching, administrating, and in some cases, the pastorate (including the performance of marriage).

3. Ordained Minister:
One who is a properly educated and/ or trained minister with proven practical experience. (This is the highest credential offered).